Here Is Our EP

by Dylan Chambers & The Midnight Transit


No Autotune was used in the making of this album.

Dylan Chambers thanks: Lester Chambers, Lola Chambers and my Yappy dog!

Zach Nieman thanks: Skyler Jett, Frank and Linnea, Brian Collier, Rick Jensen, and Steffen Kuehn.

Chris Cunningham thanks: Catherine and Rob Cunningham my sister and Emma for being their and believing in me.

Adrian Trevino thanks: Thanks to my pops Peter Trevino and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Special Thanks to our sponsors EkChok Chocolate, Kickport International, and Unify To Thrive.

This EP is dedicated to Dylan’s best friend and brother Scott Schipper who lost his battle with cancer in Dec 2013. EFF CANCER! And to Dylan’s dog Mr. Piggins who also left us in March 2013. In Memory of my best friend Scott and man’s best friend Mr. Piggins.
  1. 1 Buy [Info] Hey Sexy Thang 03:35
  2. 2 Buy [Info] Inside Of You 03:08
  3. 3 Buy [Info] Burnin In The Blues 03:58
  4. 4 Buy [Info] Universal Drug 03:04

We are playing the Petaluma Music Festival August 1st 5:30pm on the Petaluma Stage


THANKS to all our Friends Fans and Family for helping us Win 2014 North Bay Music Awards for BEST ROCK BAND!!!


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©Dylan Chambers & The Midnight Transit